Businesses Driving a Difference

Businesses Driving a Difference

Last month, our boss man attended the inaugural ‘Businesses Driving a Difference’ event at Porsche Centre Brisbane.

Stratos Koutzoukis at Businesses Driving a Difference event

‘Businesses Driving a Difference’ highlighted Corporate Social Responsibility, where we heard from the likes of businessman and coffee king; Phillip Di Bella. Phil spoke about how businesses need to concentrate less on the products, and more on our clients and the quality of service we provide. Something that we feel passionately about!

During the evening, attendees discussed how we can contribute to our community. Above all, increasing our charitable work, offering alternative solutions to provide a better service for less able people, and even offering mentorship to the next generation of business owners.

At V Custom Blinds, we work hard to provide an exceptional level of service. At our very core, we are problem solvers. We like to find creative solutions for you, and sometimes that means we have to think outside of the box! That’s why we offer custom made products.
We support our diverse local community in our little corner of South East Queensland. However, our reach goes out to our network across the rest of Australia. That’s why corporate social responsibility is embedded in everything we aim to achieve.

Most recently, we’ve been working towards new solutions to help our less able clients. Those with physical impairments are now able to operate some of our most popular products with ease, using new technologies and simple automation!