DIY – Measure and Install Blinds

Do It Yourself, measure and install blinds

DIY – Measure and Install Blinds

When it comes to DIY, so many people forget about their windows! In fact, many of our clients don’t realise how easy it can be to measure and install their new Blinds themselves, saving them installation costs.

Don’t waste time rummaging for the closest ‘standard’ width and drop in stores, just provide accurate measurements to us and we’ll send you millimetre-perfect Blinds.


Before you get started, make sure you have some paper and a pencil to write down your measurements. And, most importantly, have a metal Measuring Tape. It needs to be metal, as the cloth tapes tend to stretch providing inaccurate results. Use our handy Measurement Form to help you record your final measurements.

Never ‘round up’ or ‘round down’ your measurements.
Provide all measurements in millimetres, presented in terms of WIDTH x DROP.

DIY Measure of inside and outside mounts for blinds

First, you need to decide whether to mount inside or outside of the Window Frame. Inside Mounts give a neat finish and tend to block out more light, whereas Outside Mounts give more space allowance for window handles and mechanisms. 

To measure for an inside mount, you must always measure at three different points for both the Width and Drop.
For the Width measure the top, middle and bottom.
For the Drop measure left, centre and right.
Record each measurement and use the narrowest Width and the shortest Drop to determine the best fit.

To measure for an outside mount, you need to measure the width and drop for the entire area you want covered.

“Why must we measure different points across the window
when mounting inside the frame?”
No two windows are exactly alike or perfectly square, so it is essential
to measure precisely for the perfect fit. Make sure you measure every
window individually, as any slight variations will affect the final fit.

DIY Tools to install blinds including measuring tape and drill


Ensure you have all the tools you need before installing your Blinds. You’ll need a Metal Measuring Tape, a Drill with a small (2mm) drill bit, Philips-head Screwdriver, and pencil.

DIY Measure Depth of window cavity to account for handles


Installations will differ depending on how you have chosen to mount your Blinds, as well as the type of Blinds you are using.

For example, with Inside Mounted Blinds, it’s essential to measure the Depth of the window cavity before you mount your brackets. This will ensure the Blinds do not obstruct or impede the opening mechanisms of the window.

Since each type of Blind has slightly differing Installation processes, we provide you with simple Installation Instructions for that specific Product. As standard, we always include the components needed to make your Blinds Child-Safe.



Child Safety

Every Blind in Australia should comply with Safety Standards in order to prevent possible strangulation hazards for children. When installing Blinds yourself, the loose cord/chain must be secured and tensioned so it does not form a loop of 220mm or longer at a height of less than 1600mm above floor level.

If installed lower than 1600mm from the floor, the cord/chain must be permanently secured to prevent a child from being able to remove it.

For additional safety and innovation, Cordless and Motorised options are now available too!

DIY Products

V Custom Blinds have just released a whole new range of DIY Products, including:

(Cordless and Motorised Operating Systems Available for DIY with some products)

To get started, use our handy Measuring Form to record your measurements. Then simply attach your form when you Request a Quote here!

DIY doesn’t have to end in disaster! If you still feel unsure about measuring and installing yourself, our friendly team are always on hand to give you some guidance. Take the next step in becoming a Home Renovation Expert and Do It Yourself with the help of V Custom Blinds!


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