people enjoying a summer dinner party

How to throw an Aussie outdoor party this summer

It’s no surprise that Aussie’s have an appetite for summer, al fresco dining and enjoying quality time with our mates.

From November to April, most of the country enjoys warm summer nights, and hopefully some time off work over Christmas. So, what can you do to make your next get-together one to remember this year?

Getting it right

Whether you have a small courtyard, a rooftop terrace, or a deck overlooking our beautiful country, the set up of your outdoor party needs to meet these three criteria; decor, food & drinks and a weather contingency plan!

Firstly, set the mood for the evening with relaxed decor – think bohemian or Australiana styles, both very on trend with an eclectic mishmash of crockery, cushions and more. Think tropical plants, unique artwork, quirky furniture, shaded areas and lots of colour!

Is orange the new pink?

As we see more Australiana and bohemian influences in fashion, we’re also seeing a move away from the cute, pastel pinks that have dominated the interior design world for a few years now. Suddenly, orange and other warm, rich colours are making a comeback in a much more sophisticated manner than their 1970s predecessors. Nature influences have given way to earthy greens, oranges and reds – just like our very own Red Centre. Plants or flowers are a must, with native plants being the obvious preference this season.

Chinese hot pot with mixed food platters

Food for thought

Next thing you need to ‘wow’ your guests is amazing food and drinks. Make sure you know about any guest dietary requirements before you decide on your menu. Those personal touches really show you’ve made an effort. Also remember to serve some cold beverages to keep them cool in the hot summer nights.

Giant share platters are a staple for entertaining, and feast-style meals make things less formal, meaning you don’t have to keep leaving your guests to sort out the food in the kitchen, and conversations can flow easily throughout the night.

If you’re a real foodie, check out Baum + Whiteman’s 2019 Food & Beverage Trend Report, where you’ll find ideas for ‘new’ and upcoming food trends.

Popular for 2019 is food from ‘The Stans’ – like Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan – using Eurasia flavours using tarragon, spinach, dill, garlic, eggplant, noodles, beans and meat. Chinese and Taiwanese foods are gaining in popularity with hotpots and ‘street food’ style Bings (a burrito-like pancake packed with tasty, savoury fillings). Or check out the Japanese version of a fried pork cutlet; Katsu, made with crunchy panic breadcrumbs, its destined to be a hit!

outdoor shade umbrella party set up

Set up for success

The last thing you want is to have a washed out BBQ with no shelter for your guests. Create cool, zoned areas for guests to lounge using adjustable awnings or larger shade umbrellas. This will ensure you have enough cool shade from the hot sun, and prevent an immediate soaking should an unexpected rainfall happen! It also helps set the mood and adds to your relaxed decor mentioned previously. Pair it with comfy cushions, some fairy lights, and good music, and you and your guests are sure to have a great night!