Energy Saving Elegance

The elegance of the Honeycomb Shade, also known as a Cellular Blind, means it is stylish as well as super practical. Designed to insulate, the lightweight cellular structure promotes sound absorption and helps regulate your home’s temperature, by locking in warm air in the winter and moderating the hot Australian sun in the summer.

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Choose from Standard Cord, Cordless or Top Down/Bottom Up operating systems, and up to 50 contemporary colours. View available options in our DIY Brochure.

Honeycomb blinds are functional and versatile

Save up to 32%* on bills

The unique, honeycomb shape creates insulated pockets of air, making it difficult for heat to transfer in and out of the window.

With it’s innovative design, Honeycomb Blinds are functional and versatile with slim line operating systems that minimise gaps and look sleek and stylish.

*32% savings based on fully-recessed, reveal-mounted 20mm single cell block-out fabric in average New South Wales home.  Savings will vary based on window type and installation.