Practically Perfect

The practical and popular Venetian Blind is a staple for most households and offices, The horizontal, thin slats can be pivoted to control the amount of light that shines through, making it ideal for privacy and light control.

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Our range of Premium Venetians offer over 50 colour options over a range of material finishes including Designer Timber with Tape Ladder.

Phoenixwood Venetian Timber Blind is eco-friendly

Phoenixwood Timber

The Phoenixwood Timber Shade offer a soft, natural luxe look while functioning as our most eco-friendly option. The sustainable timber comes in over 20 colour ways, boasting natural heat and sound insulating properties.

Basswood Timber

The Basswood Timber Shade is amongst the straightest hardwoods, producing a very strong and relatively lightweight slat, which means the timber is highly resistant to chipping or cracking. This luxe, Designer timber comes in multiple colourways to choose from.

Cedar Timber

Our responsibly produced Cedar Shades are the pinnacle of sophistication, with its lightweight and rich timber texture and natural aroma. The timber has outstanding thermal and acoustic insulating properties and the stability of the timber ensures the stylish elegance is never lost.

We Take Care To Source A Great Range Of The Most Ethically Produced Plantation Timbers.

Fauxwood Blinds

Our fauxwood options are perfect to get the timber look on a budget. Ideal for wet areas, their waterproof slats are easily cleaned and won’t warp. Made from hardwearing PVC, they come in a wood-grain texture in 9 neutral colours.

Aluminium Blinds are strong, lightweight and durable

Aluminium Blinds

For a more industrial style or a bright splash of colour, our aluminium shades are the perfect solution. The strong, lightweight and durable nature of aluminium means these shades will look brand new for years to come.