Smart Privacy Venetian Blinds

Smart Privacy Venetian Blinds

A Unique, Innovative Venetian Blind

The Smart Privacy Venetian Blind is a step up from your traditional Venetian Blind, as a result, proving functionality can be found without sacrificing a sleek, stylish form. It’s brilliant, designer white colour is easy to keep clean and allows you to integrate this solution to any decor style. This makes the Smart Privacy Blind one of our most popular products to date.

Designed beautifully for Australian Homes, the lightweight PVC Venetian Blind is both fade and heat resistant. Meaning, this smart shade is less likely to warp, bow or yellow as it ages. A trapezoid bottom rail reinforces the design, making it strong and durable. The shape allows the Venetian Blind to stack neatly and, likewise, it sits flat against your window frame. Which helps to combat those pesky light gaps!

smart privacy venetian blind with features labelled

We love the innovative design which attaches with unique brackets fastened from the top side of the head rail. Minimising light from both sides of the window frame. Privacy is key, with tightly closed slats which fit your window perfectly and help prevent light leaking through. Plus, the clever Cord Release function is fitted with families and safety in mind.

DIY Friendly

Simple to install in just a few minutes, the Smart Privacy Venetian Blind is ideal for DIY. As a result, these Venetians are a sound investment when renovating and updating your home. Our DIY Blinds are custom made quickly and with precision, making them an affordable solution. We deliver directly to you anywhere in Australia.

Order Smart Privacy Venetian Blinds

Customers can order their Smart Privacy Blinds easily with peace of mind. Simply Request a Quote by supplying your window measurements in millimetres (Width X Drop). Finally, read our handy Measuring Guide or contact us now for help.